Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Time is Building Time!

As of yesterday, it is officially summer and not a moment too soon. I really miss blogging all winter and chatting with my cyber pals. With three busy kids keeping me on the go, I don't do have time for much else but dreaming of the projects I want to work on and trying to keep warm. Not having a basement or garage, I am forced to wait for the snow to clear and the weather to warm up before I can drag out the tools and paint brushes and get to it!

A little super exciting news... this month we finally had our house painted! We bought it five years ago and the paint was past its prime at that point so it was really ready for a redo this spring. It's a heritage home so we have to stick to the historical palette, but we used Monterey White and Georgian Green (both Benjamin Moore) and I am so pleased with the results. Once I finish the porch, I will post photos!

So onto my summer dream projects. We made an outdoor table last year so this year I need 10 chairs to go with it. We're going to use Ana White's Simple Stackable Chairs plan - haven't decided on the finish yet, but 10 chairs will take a while so I have some time yet...

Simple Stackable Outdoor Chairs

I have a big, empty wall in my dining room and a whole lot of stuff with no place to go, so project number 2 is Ana White's Planked Wood Sideboard. I LOVE this piece of furniture and can't wait to get going on it. Again, no decision on colour or finish but I rely on furniture to reveal itself to me once it's built. Oh, and we're going to put a hutch on top for extra display and storage.

Planked Wood Sideboard

I need a place for my decor items and odds and ends in the family room and I fell in love with this Rustic Console table. And I already know I will do the exact same finish as Hillary used in her version - I have always wanted to try the vinegar and steel wool trick so this is the perfect opportunity and Hillary's is beautiful!

I would say "last but not least" but who are we kidding... there will never be a "last" project! My 6-year old wants bunk beds. I have always resisted bunk beds because I have never been fond of how they look but I saw this photo in Coastal Living and I am officially a bunk bed convert. I love the combination of chunky wood and weightless look and the ladder at the end is such a great idea. We are going to use Ana White's Classic Bunk Beds plan and make a few modifications. 

owen's bunk beds

There's a lot more but I think I better try to keep things realistic, I'd like to spend some time on my hanging daybed and enjoying the season with my kids too!

I can't wait to see what everyone's up to these days - I hope to talk to you all soon!

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  1. Taking the summer off from blogging, but looking forward to keeping up with what's going on in your part of Blogland!


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